Eastside Early Learning


Eastside Early Learning are looking for staff who are dedicated to creating positive foundations for children's lives and futures.

High quality childcare depends on attracting, nuturing and retaining the best people. We have built a talented team and a collaborative, positive and supportive culture.

We employ only the very best educators who are passionate, motivated and dedicated to caring for childing and helping them learn and develop.

Adhering to the National Quality Standards, we believe in fostering talent through professional development, training and support to help make our team the very best the industry has to offer.

Guided by the nationally recognised ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ (EYLF) curriculum, we adhere to principles, practices and learning outcomes leading to being, belonging and becoming, essential to support and enhance young children in their learning and transition to school.

We provide a family friendly work environment, parental leave and educational breaks.

If you are interested in joining the Eastside Early Learning team, please send your resume and details through to manager@eastsideearlylearning.com.au