Eastside Early Learning


Channel Nine News presented a story 08/02/2016 on how Eastside Early Learning is paving the way in early learning. The story focused on how we are taking child care to a whole new level in Queensland, suggesting we could be the blue print for child care centres across the State for the future.

Eastside Early Learning's aim is to provide excellence in early childhood education, development and care.

Below are some of the comments and feedback we have received from our valued families.

December 2020

To all the Staff at Eastside

Thank you for everything you have done for Edward & Yvette over the past 5 years. They have both learned so much over their years there – from Nursery through to Kindy. They have had so many lovely experiences & developed beautiful friendships. These memories will be with them forever.

All the best for the future

Edward, Yvette, Natalie & Dave

December 2020

To the Eastside Team

Thank you for all the behind the scenes work and support. It is truly appreciated and has been such a comfort over the near 4.5 years Emelyn has been at Eastside.

Thank you

Stacey, Chris and Emmy

December 2020

To Debbie & the Eastside Family

Thank you for all your support over the last four years!

Alistair, Thomas, Alex & Ben

December 2020

Dear Deb, Caitlin and the Eastside Team

Sinead and I would like to thank you for looking after our children this year. It’s true what they say:  it really takes a village . Even though its is the end for Henry and Hugo, Alice, Vinnie and Darcy will continue to have lots of Eastside Fun!

Sinead and Charmayne

December 2020

Dear Debbie and the wonderful Eastside Team

Thank you for taking such good care of our little Harry!

It has been a wonderful journey and Harry has loved every minute.

Thank you so much!

Harry and Family

02 September 2020

Dear Sophie , Izzie, Amy, Elvia & Yasmin

Sophie, you are such an energetic, enthusiastic & fun person. We appreciate the wonderful care you have given our Basi & all the stories you tell us. You are one in a million, so don’t change!

Amy, we have been so lucky to have had you looking after our precious Basi. You have made daycare life so enjoyable for him. Thank you for  being so helpful and supportive of us, especially in the early days

Thank you Yasmin and Izzie  for looking after our precious Basi and for all the cuddles you have given him. We know Sebastian loves hanging out with you.

Thank you Eliva for all of the kindness and affection you have given Sebastian. We are glad to have had such a lovely influence in his day to day life.

From Kate & Thomas

02 September 2020

To Audrey & Taylor’s wonderful home-away-from- home

Bland and I really appreciate the loving care that you all provide to Audrey and Taylor. Its so nice to hear them talk about you all in such a happy way.

Being able to put them in a daycare where we know they will have fun, learn and get lots of cuddles makes our lives so much easier.

You probably don’t get the thanks and appreciation you deserve on a daily basis, so I hope you enjoy feeling special on Educators Day.

Thank you!

Tanya & Blake

02 September 2020

Thank you so much to all the wonderful teachers in Toddler One!!

You make Lucas’s days at Eastside happy and comfortable, and have been great in helping him transition into daycare. He has come a long way from those early days of tears and sadness!

He is very fond of you all, particularly Miss Izzie and we are very grateful for all that you do.

Thank you


02 September 2020

Dear Debbie, Sara, Savannah & Lisa

Thank you for creating such a happy and safe space for our little Lauren. Seeing her grow in confidence so much since joining the nursery is so fantastic for us, thanks you again so much.

Love, Lauren’s Family

02 September 2020

Thank you Nursery Ladies for always making children feel loved and cared for and comforted. You make it so much easier for the first time mum, Thank you for your kindness, care, patience. You are really special and appreciated so much. You have made transition into day care so easy for us and our children. Thank you for being amazing and making Nursery fun and interesting. Thank you for the past year. Our little ones have thrived because of you all! All the Educators in the nursery have been nothing but outstanding. All of them have been friendly, nurturing & informative from the very beginning. Making drop offs easy and keeping mumma’s mind at ease throughout the day 

From the Nursery Families on Educator’s Day

02 September 2020

To the Amazing Toddler One Team

We can’t thank you enough for everything you do! You guys are like our second family and we just love coming here everyday! You are so caring and kind. I have trust in you all that you will look after our children and teach them new things. We love that you all go above and beyond to create a happy and nurturing environment for our Toddlers. Thank you so much for being the awesome people that you are.

From the Toddler One Families on Educators Day

02 September 2020

To the Pre-Kindy Team

Thank you so much for taking such good care of our babies.

We love that Emilia’s interests are being catered to and that beautiful friendships are being fostered.

With thanks

Caitlin & Ian

02 September 2020

Miss Courtney & Pre-Kindy 1 Team

You all helped Chloe flourish into the confident girl she is. You attentiveness and compassion is second to none.

Thank you


02 September 2020

To all the lovely Ladies in Pre- Kindy 2 Room

Thank you so much for all your support and care of Luck. He is so happy and engaged here at Eastside and we appreciate everything you do

Lots of love


02 September 2020

Dear Kindy Team

We are so grateful for the patience and energy you put into our children

Thank you so much for all the understanding, patience and kindness. We appreciate you taking such good care of Emelyn and being a great support network.

Thank you

Stacey, Chris and of course Emelyn

02 September 2020

The Educators in Kindy 2 room have been nothing short of amazing with Romeo. Always going above and beyond to make sure he feels comfortable and included with the rest of the kids. Being a mum with a kid with Autism it makes me feel so much better when dropping him off to school. So thank you for making this scary journey a little easier.

From Nadana

02 September 2020

Dear Kindy Team

Thank you for showing kindness, being present with a smile. So great to see the room settled and time going towards creating our little explorers, scientists, leaders and creators.

Thank you for helping our little ones become big people. You are so important in their growth and education. You are always available to say hello and give valuable feedback when asked

You are doing such a great job and the kids are learning so much.

From the Kindy Families on Educators Day

02 September 2020

To Miss Anita

You are a breath of fresh air and always so positive. You create great programs for the kindy kids and feed that info back to parents so well. Lovely Anita always says “good morning with a smile in the morning. We love your singing voice.  We all love you.

From your Kindy Friends on Educators Day 

02 September 2020

To Bella, Sophie and Keirlee in Toddler 2 Room

Thank you Bella for being such a wonderful, understanding and natural leader for Toddler 2 Room. You have on may occasions demonstrated a genuine interest in Arlo’s care and have gone the extra mile to make sure he is comfortable at Daycare. You never shy away from our questions, and always make us feel comfortable leaving Arlo in your care. This type of support is invaluable to parents as we entrust you with the care of our little ones

Miss Sophie you are always one of the first people to greet Arlo when open arms in the morning when you see him and you make him feel special and safe. We really appreciate the way you comfort him and make him feel so welcome. I hope you feel appreciated everyday because we think you are wonderful. Thank you for everything you do for our little boy.

Miss Keirlee, you are always the wonderful, happy, friendly face there to greet us at the end of the day when we pick up Arlo. You always know how his day has been and happily share all the wonderful things he’s done (that we unfortunately miss out on while we are at work). Thank you for everything you do, especially for constantly picking up Arlo’s hot wheels cars and trying to keep them together for him! We can see how much Arlo enjoys being around you and this makes us feel very lucky to have you as one of his teachers.

Thank you Craig and Amber

23 January 2020


I just wanted to let the centre know that we are so happy we chose to move Hamish from his previous centre to Eastside. Our whole experience from the initial tour, stay and play and Hamish’s first few weeks have been fantastic. The staff take a genuine interest in Hamish and the updates each day are great. Everything is organised and i being able to drop him with faces he knows and in the nursery room each morning makes for a pleasant drop off.

Our previous centre was nothing like Eastside and being our first time using daycares we weren't sure what to expect coming to a new centre, but it's been wonderful and Hamish is really happy and settling in well.

So thankyou to everyone in Hamish’s room and all the other people we have dealt with over the last few weeks. You are all doing an amazing job and we love being at Eastside.


Rhiannon & Christian

18 December 2019

Dear Debbie

The time has come for us to finally say “see you later!”

After 4½ years of going 3 days a week we are all going to miss such a huge part of our lives!

From Jemma’s first day to now, Laura’s last day, we’ve been so lucky to have had wonderful educators for our girls.

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!!!

Love Mary, Josh, Jemma & Laura

18 December 2019

Dear Debbie and all your wonderful team at Eastside

Thank you for a great year with Phoebe this year. She has learned so much already and we are look forward to her Kindy year with you.

Sarah, Jonathan & Phoebe

18 December 2019

To all the staff at Eastside

Thank you for all of your hard work this year. Words can’t describe how much we appreciate everything you do in caring for Ellie. You all do an amazing job and are such kind, caring people.

Ellie and Family

19 December 2019

Hi Ladies,

I just wanted to send through a huge thank you for Lara & Cooper’s folders and artwork that we received the other week. The effort that you go to to maintain these books and write up beautiful notes and capture special moments throughout the year is amazing. I don’t know how you do it !

I also want to say a huge thanks for helping Lara & Cooper transition into the centre this year – it has been a big transition for them and they successfully did it because of all of the support and love they received from all of you. We are extremely grateful and think you do an amazing job.

Thank you & we look forward to returning in 2020.

Jess & Andrew

19 December 2019

Dear Miss Debbie

Thank you very much for all your care and support this year. You are one of the main reasons that we continue to fee at home at Eastside and we appreciate all your hard work.

Megan, Shaun, Luke & Lauren

19 December 2019

To the wonderful Eastside Team

Thank you for the incredible work you do and making Harry feel so special

Harry and Family

19 December 2019

Dear Eastside Early Learning Team

Thank you so much for everything you have done for Lachy this year. It is so wonderful knowing that he is surrounded by such amazing & caring teachers.

Gavin, Jenny & Lachlan

19 December 2019

Dear Caitlin

Thank you for all your care and support this year. We feel very grateful to be part of the Eastside Family.

Megan, Shaun, Luke & Lauren

19 December 2019

Dear Miss Debbie

Thank you for being amazing all year!

We love you and can’t wait for next year


20 December 2019

Dear Debbie & all the Staff at Eastside

Thank you for everything Eastside has done for our Lachlan. We are so grateful for all the hard work & dedication you put in for our little people.

Chrissy, Marty, Josh & Lachy

20 December 2019

To Debbie

Thank you for a great time at Eastside Early Learning.

We are all much happier at your Centre

Suze, Ned & Valentina

January 2019

Dear Debbie and Caitlin,

THANK YOU & your incredible team for all the love and support you have poured into my boys in the past three plus years! The boys have so much enjoyed their “Tuesday’s at Eastside”. You are wonderful, talented & passionate women and the children of this community are so blessed to have you!

January 2019

Thanks so much for caring for our little person, it means a lot to us. It was a big thing to start at a new day care and whilst it wasn’t always easy, through your patience and support, smiles and laughter, they grew to feel comfortable and secure. It has been lovely to see him enjoy his days, have fun and form little friendships. It is always a pleasure to see you all and have a chat, so thanks for making us all feel welcome. Jo x

December 2018

To all the wonderful staff at Eastside,

Thank you for all your love and care for Miss P in 2018. Have a wonderful Christmas!

Love, M

December 2018

“Thank you lovely teachers for pouring into our ‘lil’ ones each day – you're amazing in every way! X B”

December 2018

Dear Nursery Team, we love you guys and the attention and care you pay to our little person every day is wonderful. We’re so comfortable leaving her in your care. Love I and K

November 2018

Dear Debbie,

Just a quick note to thank you so much for everything this year to make A & C’s journey at Eastside so wonderful. We will miss you.

L.N xo

November 2018

To all of the wonderful staff at Eastside!

Thank you to everyone one of you for all you’ve done for us. It is so sad to be saying goodbye to you all.

Love & Hugs,

J & Family xxx

November 2018

“From the nursery to pre-kindy I could not have imagined my day care experience being any better. I feel very lucky for my son to spend his days with such a great team, and I thank you for being part of our “village”

Thanks, K

October 2018

Hi Debbie,

A quick note for Toddler 1, to say thank you to all of the amazing educators. Over the past 12 months my children have gained so much self-confidence (a little too much sometimes!) and constantly impress my partner and I with how quickly they are mastering their alphabet, counting, colours and nursery rhymes. Can’t thank you enough for all the great work everyone does.


October 2018

To all the wonderful staff,

Thank you for all the times you changed my child’s dirty nappy. Thank you for all the times you wiped her snotty nose or dirty face. Thank you for all the cuddles & for turning tears into a smile. All your hard work is appreciated. You all do such an amazing job and we can’t thank you enough!

29 May 2018

Hi Team,

Thanks for the lovely updates you email, I just wanted you to know that I, as a parent and especially one that now works full time, really appreciate these updates and I read them and chat to Isabel about it at the end of the day. I wanted to acknowledge the time you take to write your observations and know that Mark and I appreciate knowing what goes on during Isabel’s day in the pre-kindy class and appreciate your valued time, love and care you show to Izzy. When I picked her up yesterday she was so happy and not shy at all (like she is at the beginning of the day!). Also, I appreciated Savanna taking the time to give me feedback on how Izzy was going yesterday, you’re all such an awesome team, I take my hat off to you all!

I think it's so important to acknowledge what the leaders do in moulding our children's precious minds and I wanted them to ensure that their time and effort is greatly appreciated always.  

You have a great team Debbie, I'm sure you know that and it's a testament to your leadership, friendship and passion for what you do.  I'll never tire of your beaming smile and energy.

Amazing centre that I love being part of!



07 May 2018

Thank you for the wonderful 2 years of memories Cherster had with you lovely ladies. We are very sad to leave you all. Love Chester.

23 April 2018

Hi guys

Thanks so much for the photos you email to me! Brought a tear to my eye! After the many mornings of tears in Toddler 1 and 2, I can’t tell you how happy we are to see him go off each morning and be (mostly!) happy and excited. I know “maturing” has something to do with it but also you guys, his friends and all the resources and activities he has access to - it’s just amazing. Can’t thank you all enough! I think I’ll be sad to see him leave! Is that why parents cry at their first day of school!? Hahaha.

Thanks again!


20 April 2018

Hi Debbie.

Just wanted to add to what I said yesterday.

I guess I didnt realize what we were missing out on in pre kindy as its a new level of learning for Aston (and me). Now that I have seen the structure in learning in just this short amount of time from the twins I see what an important change you made to the room.

Thank you for striving for excellence. The change will definitely help prepare Aston for Kindy next year.


13 March 2018

Aww Debbie Thank you so much :) 

I missed seeing Arav at his Kindy environment and wondering how he is going. Bless you. you are absolutely amazing. Thank you.

It seems Ms Tanya is doing great things with them, Arav is telling new stories everyday about what happened in Kindy and now we say Kindergarten not Kindy cos we are big boys. And how he played with all his friends specially Tuscon. 

He even read the whole Chocolate Monster book to me before bed and I must say he remembers it by heart, word for word. 

It is so surprising to see your kid who was not very much interested in reading few weeks ago suddenly making sure that he reads a few books to mum before going to bed.

Thank you for what you guys are doing. I might be little biased but i am so very impressed with your student..

Thank you again for all your love and care.

Kind Regards


14th December 2017

To Debbie, Erin & the whole Eastside Team,

We are so very thankful to all of you for caring for our Archer. You have all made our busy life so much easier knowing Arch has been safe, loved and happy.

We will miss you!

Mitch & Bec.

14th December 2017

To the Wonderful Eastside Team!

Thankyou for amazing job you do looking after our gorgous Harry!

You are all wonderful!

Rob, Kerri,Charlie & Harry.

14th December 2017

Dear Debbie, Erin and the Eastside Team

Thanks for being such a great team of carers for Isla! We really appreciate all that you do for the families at the centre! 

All the best,

Sarah, Dave and Isla.  

14th December 2017

To dear Miss Debbie, Miss Erin and Miss Caitlin,

Thanks so much for your efforts and support this year. The centre has been so smoothly run and i know a great deal of work goes on behind the scenes to keep everything on track. Thankyou for your kindness, enthusiasm and patience the with kids. We're lucky to be at Eastside!

Love Tahlia and Family.

18 August 2017

I just want to tell you what a fabulous centre you have. The feeling James gets when he arrives and his pride for saying he “belongs” to his kindy room is something we haven’t experienced before coming to Eastside. This year has been so beneficial to James’ development and I am really grateful.


04 August 2017

Hi Deb and girls, 

Sometimes I think people forget to say thank you and appreciate what you and the team do Monday to Friday from 6.00am to 6.00pm.

Since starting with Eastside Early Learning I have never felt worried or concerned with leaving Ari in your care. Right from my first day when I called to enquire  if there was a vacancy for Ari it was genuine, warm and helpful. I knew the change would be great. 

Now that we are there it has reconfirmed that my instinct was right. We absolutely love the centre, and all of the team members who have welcomed Ari and his family into the group. 

Each morning and evening  you are all there with smiling faces ( and I know working with kids is tough ) but you all love what you do, the kids and that is so transparent. 

Ari has settled in better then I could have imagined and that is credit to you all there. You all take such wonderful care of my boy and I am so grateful for that. 

As you know he had been unwell early in the week you were on top of it and called me right away. You comforted him while you waited for me to arrive. Today, he is showing signs of being unwell and you have again taking the best care for him. 

I just want to take the opportunity to thank  you all for taking care of my boy, loving him and making him smile each and every day.  You all do such an amazing job with the kids , you work so hard to ensure you deliver excellence in early learning and safety of the children. I am incredibly appreciative of all that you do. 

Happy Friday all and enjoy the weekend. 

See you next week 

Amie (Ari's mum) xxx 

23 January 2017

Hi ladies! First day of Prep completed with no tears! I thought there may have been trouble when he tried to walk out with us saying that he didn't need to stay because it was just a visit day.

I wanted to say thank you to each of you for everything you have done for our family and for William. I can tell you that your caring natures, your dedication to the role and the friendly faces that greeted us each day made everything just that little bit easier.

Deb, your smile lights up the children around you. You can see that you genuinely love your job and the kids feel that and grow with it.

Megan, William has blossomed under your care. He may not be able to write his name but I know that he is confident and willing to learn because of the time and effort you have taken with him.

Thank you for all that you have done.


December 2016

To Miss Debbie & Miss Caitlin

Thank you so very much for all the love & support you have provided to Grace, Darcy & myself over the past 12 months. You both always go the extra mile & I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for us.

We hope you both have a wonderful Christmas break.

lots of love

Nic, Grace & Darcy

December 2016

To Miss Debbie and Miss Caitlin

You guys are the best admin team ever. You are always friendly and helpful and we love that you get to know the kids, participate with them and read them stories. And we loved your Thing 1 & Thing 2 constumes. Thank you for sending through photos of Charlotte from time to time - you made my day.

Keep doing the great things you do. Have a great Christmas and all our best for 2017

Love Jenny, Charlotte, Duncan & Annie 

December 2016

To Dear Miss Debbie

Thanks so much for your expertise and vibrancy in managing Eastside Early Learning.

You do an amazing job keeping everything organised and fun and you have cultivated a great team culture at the centre, based on trust, kindness and patience. 

Hope you have a fabulos Xmas & here's to a wonderful 2017!

love Kiara, Craig, Amity & Talia xxx

December 2016

Merry Christmas Debbie

Another year in which you should be very proud of the wonderful centre you've created. Than you for your care and love of Haami.

love Wayne, Katrina, Chelsea, Ainsley & Haami xx

December 2016

Dear Debbie & Caitlin

Thank you so much for all of your help and support throughout the past 12 months. You have both gone out of your way to make it easier to look after our babies.

Have a happy and restful Christmas

with love

Craig & Kim

December 2016

To Miss Debbie, Miss Caitlin & the Eastide Staff

Thank you all for making Eastside Early Learning the best Kindy ever.

We will miss you all.

Health, wealth & love to you all for 2017.

Love The Chart Family xxxx

December 2016

Miss Debbie

Thank you for being such a wonderful person. You have an amazing gift and the centre is so very lucky to have you as Director. Kirra thinks so highly of you and your 'fast shoes'!  Thank you for doing that for her! Looking forward to 2017.

See you then

Kirrra, Dona, Brad & Ryder

December 2016

Dear Miss Debbie

Thank you so much for all your love, support and patience in guiding our 'spirited' child. When I ask him what he loved most about Miss Debbie, it was that she printed out Ninja Turtle Pictures for him ito colour in!

Merry Christmas! Greg, Liz & Max xx 

December 2016

Debbie & Caitlin

thank you ver much for taking such great care of Charlie!

We will miss you!

Love Charlie, Amanda & Glenn xxx 

December 2016

Thank you Miss Debbie & Miss Caitlin

thank you so much for taking care of me when Mummy & Daddy are working.

I had the best time ever with my friends at daycare.

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas and that Santa will be nice to you.



07 September 2016

We just adore everyone at Eastside. Such a beautiful bunch of ladies. No surprise I have a soft spot for Miss Kynie, she has offered me so much support and kind words along the way and definitely helped me navigate the transition to a working mum when we first put Aston in daycare. And we all know that Miss Wendy has also been a massive support and Aston adores her. It's so lovely to know that Aston finds so much comfort in Miss Wendy when he does a face plant or falls ill and needs a cuddle till we arrive.


07 September 2016

We are so grateful for all the wonderful educators at Eastside. I feel at ease knowing our little Hugo is being so well looked after. It has made the transition back to work so much easier. A huge shout out to Miss Kynie, Miss Zoe (who Hugo has taken a liking to :):) ) and all the nursery staff, your hard work and caring natures are greatly appreciated! :):)


07 September 2016

Megan is AMAZING!!! I would very much like her to continue Ben's education for the next 13 years. I am always so impressed by the way she handles all of her responsibilities and how far Ben has progressed under her tutelage. We couldn't have chosen a better kindy for our son. We're very happy each and every day. Thanks Miss Megan!!!


06 September 2016

We have been really impressed and appreciative of everyone at Eastside Early Learning - right from the Director through to all team members. We value everybody's enthusiasm, kindness, patience and attention to detail. The centre has a great team spirit and you can really tell the educators love working with their colleagues and the kids. Thanks to everyone for making the centre a fantastic part of our family's life!


06 September 2016

Making a big decision to move my two from a previous centre I can not express how happy I am with the amazing staff at Eastside we are currently in toddler 2 and the kindy room our teachers are amazing!! Always happy so affectionate to the kids and always interacting with them out in the playground or in the room whenever I get there of an afternoon! I love how the staff also rotates around it gives the kids a chance to get to know all the staff and not just the ones in their room I love walking into the centre and getting welcomed or farewelled not just by our own teachers but all of the rooms we pass. I have never been in a centre that is so friendly and welcoming each and every staff member should be commended for their efforts as a mother I can't tell you how much we appreciate you and how much more comfortable I am leaving my children in your care!! So thank you so very much each of you xxx


06 September 2016

Isabella is only there two days a week but she really loves her time at Eastside & this weekend has even progressed to playing characters at home (this weekend she was Miss Bella & I was Miss Julie :):). She's lucky to have four wonderful teachers & even two from Toddler 1 from last year (Miss Erin & Miss Kenzie) who are quick to offer cuddles if she needs one when playing outside. I think we are lucky to have Miss Julie as she's very experienced & always has a lovely story to share from Isabella's day. Miss Bella is always smiling & happy and that's contagious! I think she's really wonderful, especially given she's not been out of school long. Miss Kirsty & Miss Niah are always there to give Isabella a cuddle in the mornings. Miss Debbie & Miss Caitlin always have a welcoming smile in the morning when we walk in. Thank you Eastside ❤️ 


06 September 2016

We love all Maddie & Toms educators and feel very blessed to have such a great team sharing our children's day. For Tom, I'd like to give a special mention to Erin who always makes Tom feel so loved, cared for & safe. Erin is always full of stories to share from Toms day which we love to hear! She is super approachable and I trust her advise on all things Tom related!! In Maddies room it's been so wonderful to see Megan come in and make such a positive difference, the children and engaged and happy and Maddie is always telling me about the fun and exciting things she gets up to in the day. Megan seems to be able to balance the learning with play & enjoyment perfectly...an absolute asset to the team


06 September 2016

We appreciate all of Roland's educators in the toddler 1 room, who do a fantastic job everyday. Kynie and Zoe always make us feel welcome too. However I must say I am thankful for the relationship Wendy has with Roland and can tell he has a fondness for her. She always makes an effort to tell us the details of his day and has a caring, soft nature that matches his.


06 September 2016

you are all amazing at what you do. I do know that Kynie and Zoe have made a huge difference in little Henrys day. He loves them so much and they make a difference to my day because I know he is having a great day and is getting looked after. So many activities, so much joy for the kids.


21 July 2016

My son loves coming to kindy and has a great bond with his teachers! Seeing how much the kindy kids are growing and developing is amazing and testimony to the dedication of the staff at Eastside.


14 July 2016

This centre is simply amazing and its all due to the amazing staff (facilities are awesome to). Kids come 1st and its obvious. From day one I could see a difference in the calmness of my child... he is happy!! He now comes home knowing all his colours, singing songs and has new skills like sorting colours and shapes and has only been there a few months. He loves his teachers and asks to go on his days off.... the proactive directors show there is great leadership and the support they provide both staff and parents is evident and valued. I could not recommend or rave about this place enough.


28 June 2016

William loves sharing his newly learnt knowledge about his body every morning with us. The things that he is learning with Miss Megan are wonderful. I feel fully confident that he is going to be ready for big school next year with her support and education this year.



01 June 2016

To all the lovely Ladies in Nursery,

A HUGE Thank you for the way Henry has been allowed to transition into the centre. You let us into your work space for visits and we are so thankful for this.

It is so clear that you all take a genuine interest in all the kids and that makes Mums like me feel so much better. We look forward to all the fun days ahead.

An extended Thank you to Debbie and Caitlin. Always a friendly face and always reassuring. Such a warm and inviting centre.

from Henry's Mum


24 May 2016

Very friendly staff and great with my two boys who love going there


12 May 2016

My Son loves coming to daycare each day, and teh Eductors and Director are so approachable. It's a great Centre!


13 April 2016

To all the wonderful staff at Eastside Early Learning, but most especially the girls in Todder, Kindy & Debbie & Caity,

There really is no words that could express our gratitude for all you have done for Leila & Stella (and our family) over the past year. The love & care you have shown them has been incredible & something we will never forget.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done! Its not goodbye, just goodbye for now - we'll be back in a few short years with Hugo (not joking!!), so you have to hold a place for him :)

Lots of love, Nat, Matt, Eva, Leila, Stella & Hugo

08 April 2016

Hi Girls

Just a quick email to say that we are absolutely loving Owen's teachers (especially Miss Sophie & Miss Cat). They have been so great to Owen and they make him (& us) feel so welcome every time we walk in the room. Owen has been struggling a bit the last couple of weeks with a few things, but they always cheer him up and ensure that he has an awesome day. My Mum is here to help us this week, and she had to pick Owen up on her own yesterday. Miss Cat showed her everything and was so helpful which was much appreciated.

We got home last night from hospital with Charli who hasn't been well (she had an overnight stay on Wednesday at Lady Cilento). We walked in the door at home, and Owen ran proudly up to us with a card for Charli that he had made at daycare (photos attached). I balled my eyes out - it was such a lovely thing to do. The girls did an amazing job with organising it for him.

Anyway, thanks again for everything. We just wanted to make sure that you knew how much we appreciate everything that has been done for us.

Thanks, Alicia

15 March 2016

Hi Kynie

Erin settled into kindy life with such ease which I think is as much a result of a friendly, well managed nursery room as it is her very relaxed personality. We have never had any worries about how Erin has been going in kindy and we doubt we will have any when it comes time for her to transition to a new room. Thank you to all of the lovely girls in the nursery room for taking such good care of her for us. 


Natalie & Rory 

11 March 2016

Queens of Awesomeness!! that's you

Dear Kynie, Zoe & Steph (& the Nursery Helpers!)

Thank you for being so wonderful to Oliva!

She has developed so quickly in the short time she has been with you.

Thank you for the care and love you have shown to her.

Craig & Kim

07 March 2016

Hi Kynie,

Olivia started in the Nursery in January 2016 after spending time at another child care facility.

When Olivia started she was still very much a baby, however with the assistance of the nursery team she has quickly become very independent and has increased her non-verbal communication skills.

Anytime music comes on in our house Olivia starts dancing and clapping - something she must have learned in the nursery!

The nursery team also quickly learned Olivia's habits, nuances and routine - which I think really contributed to her feeling so comfortable in the centre. We always received an update on how she went through the day, and any specific or interesting things she did throughout the day.

I have also really appreciated the nursery team encouraging Olivia's transition to the toddler room. She has loved the experience of being involved with the bigger kids!

Thank you to you, Kynie, Steph and Zoe - I have no doubt you will continue to receive hugs from our little girl!

Kim & Craig.

02 March 2016

Dear Eastside Nursery Team

Audrey has settled in well ro the 2016 nursery room. We have seen her become closer with the carers and other children and have noticed that she is particularly fond of the smaller babies who have joined the group. Audrey has grown in confidence over the past few months and has gone from crying at drop off to being happy to be led by one of the carers to an activity. She loves to play with the art and craft activities and it has been a delight to see pictures of her joy when she experiences messy play such as paint or water.  We are happy to see that Audrey's developmental stage is being supported in care and the last few months have seen her start walking and letting people know her wants and needs and she is clearly proud of herself when she masters a new skill. 

Thank you to all the educators of eastside early learning who take such great care of our baby girl.


02 March 2016

Hi Kynie,

Savannah has become more mobile and talkative.  I think her being with the other kids has helped her development especially with regards to being more active (trying to walk) and socially I’ve noticed she has been trying to share more.  She’s been picking items up and handing them to me and repeating that process.  She has been involved in weekly swimming lessons so we hope this helps her physical development too.

Savannah has also become more resilient.  Being away from us has helped her to be more independent and when she falls down we casually tell her to 'brush it off' and get back up again.  This has helped her independence even for her age.

Thank you for all the fantastic work you do.  It is much appreciated!

Michelle and Trevor

01 March 2016

Hi Kynie,

I'm really happy with how Eva has settled in. Since starting at daycare she attempts to talk a lot more (she wasn't really a babbler before then). I think being around children slightly older has helped her development. She's always done things a bit early and being able to have older children as a guide I think has helped get through the scary stages quickly (such as her recent attempts at climbing things then letting go!). 

I think she has developed good trusting relationships with you and your team as we haven't had any separation anxiety or attachment issues. 

I appreciate the efforts of you and your team in helping Eva settle in. You definitely made my transition back to work easier.

Thank you!


18 February 2016

Today is Thank a Teacher Thursday! So I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all (especially Jack's teachers) for the amazing work you do day in, day out, not just with my child, but all the children in the Eastside family! You all truly go above and beyond to ensure the children have a safe & loving learning environment! So thank you all so much!! 


05 January 2016

Hello Miss Debbie & Miss Caitlin

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how happy I am with Eastside Early Learning – for many reasons of course… Sometimes it’s just the small things that count! And I’d like to share with you a few.

When I picked Lara up yesterday from her first day in the toddler room, it was so nice to see Miss Erin sitting on the floor doing puzzles with Lara. It makes my day to see the educators interacting with the children and not just watching them. I was also impressed when talking to Erin about Lara’s routine that she was already aware of everything, as she had been liaising with Miss Kiney – such a great team!!

Then this morning I was doing drop off and was greeted by Miss Tanya, who came out to my car to assist me in the rain. She kindly got Lara out of the car for me and took both girls inside whilst I got the bags together.

Ellyse raves about Miss Amanda, I think they have a lot of things in common – like dancing!

Of course I adore all of the educators there, and there are many more happy days we have had there, but the past two days just topped it off!

You both do a brilliant job, and is shows through the educators you have chosen to look after our children.

Thanks so much!

Love your work!


24 December 2015

To Dear Miss Debbie, Miss Caitlin, the Ladies in Toddler 1 and Pre-Kindy

Thank you for your kindness, support and friendship over the past few months, as we settled Amity & Talia into Eastside Early Learning Centre. We feel so comfortable & happy with the centre and can see how hard you are working to cultivate a warm, caring, fun and positive culture. We are  genuinely very impressed with the team - everyone is so welcoming, helpful & kind

Love Kiara, Craig, Amity & Talia xxxx

24 December 2015

Dear Miss Debbie and Miss Caitlin

Thank you for helping us settle in & always being so attentive and lovely. 

Calista & Family

23 December 2015

To Debbie & her amazing team.

Thank you for always welcoming us with a smile, for giving our girls extra cuddles when they need them, for preparing delicious meals for them, for making the most beautiful memories for & with them & for sharing them with us too. We are so grateful for everything you do.

lots of love,

Matt, Nat, Eva, Leila & Stella xxoo

21 December 2015

To Debbie and all the team

A very big thank you to Erin, Lisa & Kim for taking such great care of Nic. We are blessed he is so happy and safe with you.

from The Brough Family

17 December 2015

To Debbie

thank you for all your toddler dedication this year. We have greatly appreciated it.

from Sheridan, Troy & Sienna

17 December 2015

Dear Miss Debbie

than you for being so great with the boys and for all of your support with Harrison.

Sharrin, Glen, Zac and Harrison

16 December 2015

Dear Debbie & Staff

Thank you so very much for giving Patrick the opportunity to be part of the Eastside Family.

We are so grateful to all the wonderful staff and love how much he has grown.

love Scott, Zoe, Patrick & Annabelle xox

15 December 2015

Debbie, we just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done for Jack. The love, extra support and care that you provide not only Jack, but our family is greatly appreciated!!  I have never met a Director who cares so much about ALL of the kids and their families... You are one in a million & you have made the transition to Eastside such a pleasant experience. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you!

Bec, Ben & Family

15 December 2015

To all the staff at Eastside Early Learning

Thank you very much for making Jemma's day care experience an amazing one!

from Jemma, Josh, Mary & Laura

14 December 2015

To the wonderful team at Eastside Early Learning

Thank you for helping to make our transition to Australia so much easier. Jude & Elliott have adapted so well & I'm sure it is largely due to the amazing teachers & helpers at Eastside.

Special thanks to Miss Marlo, Miss Leslie, Miss Zoe, Miss Steph & Miss Debbie!!

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas & a Wonderful New Year

Sheldon, Jennine, Jude & Ellie  

09 December 2015

Dear Debbie

thank you for all your care & support with Maddie & Tom and their transition into the new centre. You have managed to create such a beautiful environment for the children in such a short space of time. We feel very fortunate to be able to have Maddie & Tom  a part of that!

We hope you have a lovely Christmas & New Year


Susie, Phil, Maddie & Tom Tom xxxx

25 November 2015

Hi Debbie and Team

I would just like to say thank you for the great time Noah had with you guys.

Please feel free to use our review.

Eastside Early Learning Centre, where have you been? :)

From the very first day that we walked in, Debbie and the Team made us feel part of the family. Gleaming smiles from all the staff definitely gets the day off to a great start whether it's for you or your child.

Even the smell from the kitchen takes you back to your childhood and the great school dinners you once had, with the added bonus that you don't have to make the dreaded packed lunch.

The classrooms are as modern as you can get and the playground makes me wish I was a child again with all the equipment and the mini water park. 

If you think that day care centres are just there to look after your child, you will not get that here. Education and fun is what they get and a great start to their lives is for sure.

Again we are sorry we are leaving to pastures new but we pray and hope that we get someone half as good as your guys.

Special thanks to Miss Amanda for advising us and of course Miss Marlo for showing Noah the starting blocks to his education in life.

John & Alison

November 2015

To Dear Debbie & all the amazing staff,

Simon & I can't thank each one of you enough for the care, guidance, affection & support you've provided to our most precious gifts, Ella & Jack. They loved spending time with you all and each one of you will be sorely missed.

Thanks for everything

Rachel & Simon

September 2015

Dear  Deb, Catherine, Chloe, Julie & the lovely chef at Eastside Early Learning Centre

Thank you for all the effort you have made to make this experience incredible for Ryan.

Homa, Peyman & Ryan